Even the clapping on Thursdays a chore
Don’t really like going out there anymore
Stood there clapping, like a Pratt
Next door grinning, like a Cheshire Cat 😻

More than happy in our glass bubble
We’re a ruby wedding, old kindda couple
Don’t really need to go outside anymore
When, everything’s delivered to your door

Maybe all will change within the next few weeks
Living in this environment, where nobody speaks?
Anything happening outside, causes quite a stir
We just draw the curtains and go back, as we were

Sadly for some this has never been a choice
The elderly and vulnerable, never really had a voice
This is when you realise how selfish we can be
They haven’t got any friends or, family

So tonight I shall go out there and clap for all I’m worth
Just thankful this is a glitch, on good old Mother Earth 🌍
So, I’ll move the bottles and chocolate wrappers
Go outside and join the happy clappers! 👏

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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