Captain Tom

What a hero!!

When the clapping fades - and we’ve returned
Is there anything, that we have learned?
Will we carry on, with our selfish ways?
Or, have we learnt nothing from our lockdown days?

Will the NHS be the hero’s, they’ve again become?
Or, will it be forgotten so quickly by some?
We need to do something, It was no mean feat
This adulation is welcomed but, bittersweet

At the moment a key worker, is on everyone’s thoughts
Their wages should reflect this - by adding some noughts
Somehow don’t think this will be the case
As life resumes back, to a normal pace

This country is struggling, it’s all gone wrong
Lucky for us though - we have Captain Tom!!
He’s made millions, doing basically, a dream
Whilst others at the top, just taking the cream

All will be forgotten, in our insular lives
We’ll go back to normal, we always survive
Those frontline workers and invaluable staff,
will find it that much harder, to eventually laugh

A surreal time to experience, for you and me
This will come back to haunt us, in history
We’re not as advanced as, we’d like to believe
When air is a basic - we should be able to breathe

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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