Dustbin Day

Empty me!!!!!!!!

Laying in bed - hearing that familiar whine
O.M.G. we’ve missed it - again, this time
Can’t bear to have rubbish hanging around
How much closer is that sound?

If it’s still at the end of the street,
maybe in my nightie, I could be discreet?
Shoot out the door, wheel it to the gate
Quick where’s my slippers, am I too late?

Rushed downstairs to another dilemma
Which bin today? which one, what colour?
Can’t cope with this happening every week
Running outside, like some sort of freak

All good news - I made it this time
Nobody saw me so, that was fine
If you want a lay in, and sleep some more
Put them out the night before!!

Kim hicks gmail.com May 2020©️

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