Diet Time

Still trying!!

The diet started January - determined as could be
Everything that’s fattening, keep well away from me
Really need to lose the flab before the weather gets warm
Need to get my head round this - got to get on form

Difficult to shift the pounds as quickly as I’d like
Should I join up for the Gym or, should I ride my bike?
I have this dilemma almost every year
Stay away from takeaways ~ and stay away from beer

I must lose this weight how, god only knows?
Did I really eat all those sausage rolls?
I’d dived in the quality street and scoffed the lot
Now just look at the size of the stomach I’ve got!

I’m on to this ~ so let’s get this started
Me and my flab - will be soon departed
I’ll just finish the biscuits and polish off the mince pies
Then finish the chocolates from the raffle prize

I’m now so full - i can hardly move
Why do I do it? I’ve so much to lose
I Look like the fat cat with all the cream
Then the alarm went off - it was all just a dream!

Kim hicks February 2020©️

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