Golden Sunrise

Golden sunrise

The early morning walk with your furry friend
A golden sunrise with, a misty blend
Natures wonderland on display
Truly, takes your breath away

Through the trees, tinged with gold
Many paintings have been sold
You’ll never replicate it, unless it’s real
A photo or picture - just wouldn’t appeal

You couldn’t imagine, just what I’m seeing
Can’t explain it like, I’m dreaming
Sometimes words just wouldn’t sound right
Its the silence, the aromas and the light

Religion and things, I try to resist
But does this mean that god truly exists?
It’s impossible to be an accident or, a fake
It’s just too clever a mistake to make?

The golden glow coming through the mist
This puts life in perspective - it’s natures twist
Look, drink it in and stare all around
Totally awesome, leaves you, spellbound

This magical time - thIs mornings show
Most still asleep, would never know
The smokey mist hovering over the grass
Wish moments like this could forever last

Love this moment in time, this place
The sun now filtering through - on my face
I look up to the sky and gratefully smile
I’ll just embrace this, for a while

That biblical sight with that morning chill
This time would be good - to just stand still
It can’t be an accident to Create such glory
If it was man made, would be a different story

Look up to see a planes Vapour trail
This, is where us humans fail
Natures beauty is so easy to cater
Anything else is just not, Mother Nature

it’s too much to think about - too precious to touch
Whoever’s responsible, we thank you so much
If you could experience just what I can see
It’s true, the best things are definitely free

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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