Grumpy old gits

Every time!!
Grumpy old gits

Up in the eaves it’s a chaotic life
Can’t find the trowel or Stanley knife
Found the screws though which he lost last year
We need a tidy up this much is clear

The moaning and swearings already begun
I knew straight away this was going to be fun
So many boxes where tools 🛠 could be in
And sometimes you just can’t see for looking

It’s always a pain and he gets fraught
It’s obvious this chaos - needs to be sort
Jobs don’t get done because tools go astray ‘
‘I saw them, right there only yesterday?!!’

Whilst we are arguing on whose is to blame
‘I was always organised before you ever came”
I knew it would be my fault if jobs don’t run smoothly
This isn’t how its supposed to be in the movies 🎥

I hold my hands up if he loses a sock 🧦
But I’m not getting dragged into his tool box!
‘Get me a screwdriver I need one quick’
I don’t know the difference is it me who’s just thick?

You hold the nail whilst I hammer it in
You can see my predicament with him!!!
I like to disappear- when he starts on these jobs
I’m not one of the quiet ones I have a big gob

I do what’s best and put the kettle on
By doing this you really can’t go wrong
Maybe throw in a biscuit or two
Come to our senses over a brew

Put the tools away and close the door
Peace and tranquility restored once more
Another job started which will never get done
It had already finished before it begun!

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