First Cup of Tea

Couldn’t do without it!!!

You wake up hoping you’ve hours to sleep
squint with one eye - before it bleeps
The first to get up for is obviously the loo
The second is that first strong, orangey brew

You’re up now you’re all washed and dressed
And sometimes - if not too hard pressed
If all prepared - and you’ve found your keys
Then You’ve time for another tea ☕️

You’ll sit there and just stare into space
This tea is really on your case
A quick glance up at the time
Now You’re really in your prime

Tea is such a must have ‘pick me up’
Not to be gulped but slowly supped
Ready to face the day anew
Couldn’t do without our brew ☕️

Don’t know if ever you were aware
you’ve got that first “fixed cuppa, stare”
That moment when you’re not really here
You’re still in dreamland - this is clear🤣

That look of contentment on your face
Before you’re Ready - and, upped your pace
That last gulp of pleasure familiar to us
That Ahhhhhh at the end is always a must! May 2020

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