Nothing but trouble!

Over the field this morning at eight
Unlocked the door and opened the gate
An excited pup in the rain - which never fails
Just so she can sniff her daily wee mails

I’m sure they are secret doggy codes
As I’m trudging down the road
It’s too powerful to go past or miss
We must stop at every wee mail, to have a sniff!

Eventually reach the field to meet her friends
And now we’re sniffing rear ends!!
Imagine if humans met this way
You’d most certainly, be put away

Run round in circles maybe fetch a ball
Time to go home so, you try and call
No, not having it, having too much fun
I’ll come when I’m ready - not when your done!

In the evening whilst relaxing watching telly
Bossy comes over to rub her belly
Then when you sit down for peace and quite
She wants “outside“ - barking causing a riot

Out in the garden shouting her friends
It really drives me round the bend
What will the neighbours say? she’ll have to go
Lucky if we don’t end up with an A.S.B.O

Remind me why I have a dog of my own?
Would I have had one if I’d known?
The answers yes!! with all my heart
Wouldn’t be without her - never to part

Kim hicks gmail.com May 2020©️

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