A long time ago

Life was so simple

Couldn’t have imagined that life would change
beyond recognition it’s so very strange
What happened to Blue Peter and The Tufty Club?
It’s now iPads - tablets and computer hubs

Etch a sketch and dot to dot
We were happy with our lot
Chinese skipping fuzzy felt
Space dust on your tongue to melt

Jam roly poly spotted dick
Steaming hot custard nice and thick
Fluffy gonks on the end of our pens
Coloured ones for all of my friends

Never had ‘trainers’ for P.E
Plimsolls more familiar to you and me
Highlight of the week the Corona man
Saturday morning in his van

Banana splits and the double deckers
McEnroe and Boris Becker
Space hoppers Frissbee’s Air fix models
Jackie Collins latest novels

Charlie’s Angels Morecambe and Wise
Carpenters, The Osmonds The Jackson 5
Wuthering Heights not forgetting Love story
Hectors house and Jackanory

Laurel and Hardy Tom and Jerry
So much great stuff on the telly
Always too much to do and see
Before we were glued to a computer screen!

Kim hicks gmail.com October 2020

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