Nothing to celebrate?

It can only get better!
No Halloween or Christmas 🎄 

This year has been a right off
It’s been a strange old time
Nothing has been normal
Though, we shouldn’t really whine

We’ve stayed indoors for ages
Doing as we’ve been told
At first it wasn’t difficult -
And then it takes a hold

We cancelled all our birthdays 🎂
Special occasions all delayed
Decorated every room
In anything that’s grey

Running out of projects
Now what ever shall we do?
The flowers have all gone over
Looking depressingly subdued

Halloween 🎃 is coming
Traditionally trick or treat
No children dressing up this year
Just soulless empty streets

Christmas could be cancelled
Unless a cure is found for all
Wouldn’t that be fantastic news!
If normality was restored

So, we’ll get those decorations out
The tree 🌲 up with pretty lighting
and celebrate those New Year chimes
Because 2021 looks sooo much more inviting October 2020

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