Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes 🎇
The sound of the night on November the 5th
All stems from Guido Fawkes’s myth
To blow up the houses of Parliament
All over some stupid argument

Same old story - religiously motivated
Which left old Guido Fawkes frustrated
He wanted a catholic to take the throne
All Protestants to be ousted and overthrown!

The gunpowder crudely put together
They easily caught and hung the aggressor
If it had gone off and all gone to plan
King James would really of hit the fan!

They stored barrels of gunpowder in the ‘underCroft’
‘Guido Fawkes’ was supervising - at his cost
When asked why the gun powder? What was the reason?
He was tortured and eventually hung for high treason

This was the plan which failed to Survive
Way back in history Jacobean era - 1605
You didn’t have voting it wasn’t yet done
Blowing up the House of Lords is much more fun!

So the fireworks we all enjoy today
Couldn’t really be much further away
The colours and sparkles you see in the sky
Celebrating the death of a man - later called Guy October 2020

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