Happy Divorce Day!!!!

I’m free!!!!

If your relationship is dead and You’re thinking of leaving
Your toxic existence just leaves you both reeling
If there’s more bad times than happy memories
You’ve turned from friends to lifelong enemies

It really isn’t worth the heartache to stay
You’d be so much happier staying away
Those arguments that seem to go on for weeks
Screaming at each other then, nobody speaks

You try to stay quiet not to stoke up the fire
Hard to imagine he was once your desire
How could things really get to this stage?
The bitterness hate filled arguments and rage?

Can’t even stay in the same room together
His mood swings changing like the weather
Never wanted a marriage based on love and hate
where the love disappear’s and hate overtakes

You talk if you have to,through the dog or the kids
It’s not ideal but they can act as a bridge
It’s just easier than looking into his face
a memory - You’ll try to erase

Just have to be silent and carry on
until the kids grow up it won’t be long
It goes back to basics, it’s all about cash
a little bit of savings will be gone in a flash

You keep this secret to yourself
As you try and build up some sort of wealth 💰
That day will come when the kids have flown
You will find some happiness on your own 😄

Money is a god no longer worshiped
As long as you get away from his lordship 👑
If the truth was known you’d live on a pittance
Just as long as you have a happier existence.

Kimhicksgmail.com October 2020

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