Autumns Here!!

Sensory times

That first scent of autumn - the wood burning stove
a comforting smell as you’re on the way home
It’s time for nature to stop for a breather
those long dark nights drawing nearer and nearer

The smell of old Holborn or golden Virginia
That aroma couldn’t really be any more familiar
It reminds me so much of bygone days
As I’m walkIng home in a foggy haze

Memories aren’t only thoughts that pop in your head
Scents and places can trigger them instead
they evoke a memory deep in your mind
Memories forgotten way back in time

Sulphur from a match or a waft of stale beer 🍺
They all trigger memories some you hold dear
A perfume familiar from decades ago
takes you right back to places you used to go

Aromas and music really ignite the senses
They are so real there are no pretences
No burners no smoking these aromas now rare
Wonder what memories the next generation will share? October 2020

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