Donald Trump

Love him or, hate him

Donald Trump - comic book villain
The most controversial ever politician
Comes out like superman from COVID-19
A force of nature - a fighting machine

Wants America to be great yet again
Some find it hard though to comprehend
Is Trump for real? Can he deliver?
Can he save the world on a MacDonald’s dinner?

Some say he can’t and is doomed to fail grossly
Or was that Just a statement from Nancy Pelosi?
We’ll never really know the truth behind the scene
whilst trying to deliver the American dream 🇺🇸

Love him or not he’s here to stay
Much to the Democratic party’s dismay
He’s buzzing with energy at 74,
to make America stronger once more

He’s important to us across the pond
Us British and Americans go way beyond 🇬🇧🇺🇸
We need Trump in for another term
Get that trade deal signed sealed and Confirmed!! October 2020

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