Remember, Remember, the 5th November

Sparkler in the kitchen anyone?

Not the warmest time of year
but still we go out and watch
sparks crackling from the bonfire,
a ‘standard’ firework box

A spectacular show of gunpowder
exploding in the sky
The pyrotechnics are amazing
Though, I’d prefer it in July

If fireworks aren’t really your thing
maybe a sparkler in the kitchen?
There’s only so much excitement
I can take - it’s always been a tradition

It’s a ‘man thing’ to light those rockets
It’s all about being in control
To unleash that power - which looks so pretty
With a beer and a sausage roll

Stoking up that bonfire
Taking it in turns
You’ve gotta love a firework party
Especially if you’re Gordon Burns!!

Kim hicks October 2020

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