Get a grip!!

A spooky night a mist was hanging
I heard a sound - like chains were clanging?
I looked across over the cemetery wall
Convinced I could hear somebody call?

I Walked a bit faster past the grave yard
Looking over my shoulder - I was on my guard
The moon was full - a wintery pale
And then I heard a haunting wail!

I quickened my step though, was drawn to a grave
I tried to resist - I’m not that brave
A gust of wind, a swirl of leaves 🍁
The shadows and shapes from the trees

Out of the mist a figure appeared
I froze on the spot as it neared
‘Who are you? What do you want?”
Trying to sound brave and confident

Whatever it is - Just please go away
Should I get out my pepper spray?
I closed my eyes as this ghostly thing neared
And then if by magic it disappeared!

I looked all around and even behind
Is Halloween playing tricks on my mind?
I’ll go a different way home tomorrow night
Just can’t cope with anymore ghostly frights!!

Kimhicksgmail.com October 2020

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