Nothing quite like the seaside

Just love it!!!

There’s something so special about being by the sea
Living so far inland it’s a joy to me
Whether the Suns out or whether it’s cold
That blue of the sea the sand of gold

You can dive straight in and swim like a fish
Or sit and watch eating fish and chips
Those gusts of wind whipping up the sand
Makes the fish taste gritty salty and bland🤢

Seagulls swooping with that high pitched cry
Scavenging then soaring high in the sky
The crash of the waves hitting the shore
Just like it always has done centuries before

The pier in it’s day would’ve been very grand
Across the water far out it spanned
Ice cream parlours and fun fair rides
Arcades and hotdogs along the side

It can be a busy or a lonely place
The sea breeze the view to embrace
The excited children with buckets and spades
Mum and dad with designer shades 😎

Slap that sun cream on at least factor 30
Sand and lotion all sticky and dirty
Watch the surf froth up the foam
Then ready for that long drive home July 2020©️


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