How Lucky We Are

Thank our lucky stars

Keep telling ourselves just how lucky we are
Some much worse than us with poverty, by far
We think we’re hard done by if down to our last dollar
When some African countries still living in squalor

The contrast couldn’t be more opposite to see
The unbalanced injustice I think you’d agree
Fast food Outlets Obesity is soaring
When a quick flight away Conditions appalling

It’s hard to grasp their fate? lives in danger every day
It’s something that just happens to others far away
The adverts of children and poor animals you see
Come on right on cue whilst your eating your tea

So how can we stop this feeling of short term guilt?
in this bulletproof Shield within us built
We can stop moaning firstly right away
And thinking more of others could be a way

We might be finding things exceptionally tough
Running out of luxuries still having more than enough
Spare a thought for others If not too much fuss
Because with a toss of a coin it could easily be us June 2020©️

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