Circling The Drain?

Well, are we?

Whatever happened to the good old, U.K.?
First it was Brexit, should we leave or, stay?
We voted to leave and you’d think, that was it
but, no, we were made to feel ashamed, of being a Brit

It was obstructed and extended, for over 2 years
In which time, numerous blocks and smears
Court cases everywhere, to throw Brexit out
They tried their upmost, spending enormous amounts

‘’We must be racist, with a heart of stone’’
for saying illegals, can’t call this their home!
We are terrible people and should be reported,
for even suggesting a criminal, be deported!

It’s got so bad, you’re frightened of speaking,
worried on Facebook and what you’re tweeting
You anger some people, with a different view
They pop up with their opinion, right on cue!

This country has never been so angry and divided
for having different views, - not, us being misguided
We’ve all got our opinions. And what we, desire,
our country not ransacked, by abusers and liars

We’ve been so accommodating, which made Britain Great
But, in return there’s a backlash, of entitlement and hate
One thing is certain and abundantly plain
This country is definitely, circling the drain 😔

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