Sore bum anyone?

Never really understood it?
The Point of izal tissue?
It never actually did the job,
the only thing it would give you…

a sore bum from the abrasion
as you tried to do the deed
If you ever did It properly
a ton of it, you’d need!

It was basically only good for
drawing with - or, for tracing
You were better off with newspaper
For the dilemma you’re facing!

If ever you see izal tissue Paper
Still there in the loos
Use a tissue or something soft
Or you’re guaranteed a bruise!

Couldn’t believe it when I saw for sale
coloured paper which was soft!
It never scratched your bottom
And it really did the job!!

Can’t imagine anyone now using it?
that familiar medicated Smell!!
And then I saw in disbelief
It’s there on Tesco’s shelves!!

Kim hicks gmail.com September 2020

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