Dick Turpin

Show us yer face!!

Until our fate is finally determined
We’ll carry on emulating Dick Turpin
It’s all now part of our daily routine
Masks wash hands, distance....until a vaccine

Who’d have thought only back in the spring
What this year would actually bring
the most popular stocking fillers are no longer socks
Colourful diamanté masks - the new Christmas box

Young children aren’t fazed they think it’s the norm
This virus was here before some even born
It’s funny how resilient and quickly they’ve adjusted
Can we as a human race ever be trusted?

When this is over will it be the end?
Or, is this the start of a sickening new trend?
To win a war without firing a shot
Whether it’s a conspiracy or, whether it’s not

Still, we’re all happy now Brexit is done
We thought that day would never come
So let’s get this vaccine and get back on track
Then maybe by spring our old lives will be back

We’ll all be in lockdown - the new ‘tier 4’
When we come out again - no ones quite sure
Be brave and think positive the end HAS to be near
In these unprecedented times I wish you all a -

Kim hicks gmail.com December 2020

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