Come on snow!!

Look at that fur coat!! 💕

I don’t care how old you are
Or whether you’re lonely or sad
That first fall of the white stuff
Makes even the miserable buggers glad 😀

We open the curtains in hope
that it’s fallen through the night
It’s just something so special
Seeing a carpet laid of white

first it’s feathery flakes before,
the real Ones start falling ❄️
Your inner childhood memories
have awakened and are calling

You have to go outside
and join in all the fun 🤩
Though snowmen and snow angels ⛄️
really aren’t for everyone

Some sit by the window quietly
and take in the wintery view
It’s the same snowy picture
On the card I sent to you

Yes, we love summer
With its warm golden rays
But there’s nothing like a blizzard 🌨
a snow globe - until it lays

So, keep watching that sky
For that grey and creamy hue
And hope it dumps a load on us
As it’s long been overdue!

Kim hicks December 2020

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