Darby and Joan

Cup of tea dear?

Out with the old in with the new
I think I’ll stay in for a drink or two 🍾🍾
Loads of offers - I had to decline 😂
No one is sharing my bottle of wine!

Crap on the telly why are we surprised
At least we made it - we survived
No drunken partying and embarrassing trysts
Freezing cold pub crawls and getting pissed 🤪

Tottering on heels which killed your feet
Arm in arm walking down the street
Never thought about wearing a coat
Chucking drinks down your throat

Snogging peoples face off you wouldn’t ordinarily
Getting pulled up for drunk and disorderly
Waking up in the cold light of day
Wondering what you did and what did you say?

Those days thank god are in the past
even though seriously we had a blast 💥
Happy sat here in the comfort of home
I guess we’ve turned into Darby and Joan 😊

Kim hicks gmail.com December 2020

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