Boris The Great

Take us to the top Boris!!!!!
Well done Boris you’ve pulled it off
with literally minutes to spare
We saw you wobble a little bit
and then you grew a pair

We know it hasn’t been easy
and Carrie’s been giving you grief
Wilfred keeping you up all night
he’s probably cutting his teeth 🦷

We need you running this country
Preferably with a clear head
You’ll need all your wits about you
Or Starmer will sneak in ahead

We’re starting a new chapter
Which we thought would never happen
It took so long to get it done
It’s hard now to imagine

Our lives are in your capable hands
You’ve proved it without a doubt
No more grief from the French poodle
Von Der layen or the kraut

I think it will all work out just fine
If you wait for the dust to settle
when we emerge onto the global scene
They’ll see why this country's so special 🇬🇧

Kim hicks January 2021

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