Not Just a Cup of Tea

Only want a brew!!

I can remember quite clearly
back in the day
When things were so simple
at home or away

Tea’s long been around
It’s really not new
all this kerfuffle
Just over a brew?

‘Milk and sugar?’
‘One lump of two?’
It was really that simple
and familiar to you

Now it’s a cocktail
Of caramels and mint
And numerous others
too many to print

If you want to impress
try ‘organic Earl Grey’
It shows you have class
If you’re willing to pay

I can’t order my favourite
pyramid PG Tips
It’s Lipton’s or twinings
to pass my parched lips 👄

Even our sugar has
changed by a mile
Sweetex or Splenda
not just Tate and Lyle

All these changes
It’s tooooo much for me
When all I want really
Is a nice cup of tea ☕️


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