Get over it!! – I’m a princess 👑

Don’t touch me!!

I demand to be fed at
my chosen time
If you’re in the kitchen
Your legs I’ll entwine 🐈‍⬛

It’s just a trait
a gentle nudge
to make you aware
Please don’t judge

I know you love me
and will grant my wish 😻
With a flick of my tail
and a sideways swish

I’ll stare at your face
to penetrate your soul
after all you’re my mummy
It’s your maternal role

When I’ve eaten
my favourite food
It puts me in
Quite a different mood

You see now I’m full
right to the brim
I’ll pester you now
to scratch under my chin!

I know I’m bossy
and soooo demanding
which makes your life
so more enhancing

I’m tired now
here’s my final stare
Until you get out
Of my favourite chair

Now I’m sleepy 💤
Please don’t touch
I’m a princess 👑
I don’t ask for much 🐈‍⬛ 💕

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