Animals, just so trusting

Look after us!!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾

At first you looked so sad and defeated
God only knows how you’ve been treated? 😢
we received a call which was very disturbing
Warning cruelty had been occurring

There are some humans incredibly cold hearted
I can only imagine how your life started
You gave your trust and were so forgiving
When times for you life wasn’t worth living

It took a while for you to stop shaking
You were terrified - there’s no mistaking
Over time we became more trusted
We saw you relax whilst you adjusted

Will never know the horror you endured
But, from now on rest assured
You will be loved and cared for every day
trust again and learn to play

In time you will forget the past
I promise you - we’ll have a blast!!
I look into those trusting eyes
when you flop down with a contented sigh

I know then we’ve conquered your fears
But, we need donations and volunteers.
That part has was hard but, now it’s done
Its time to save another one🐾

Please don’t go for cute fluffy pups
Older dogs can offer so much
stay away from the ‘apricot mixed poodle’
Puppy farms are cold harsh and brutal

A dog really isn’t for lockdown entertainment
Or, a pit bull giving the ultimate statement
they are ALL loving and breathing souls
not throw away - like outdated clothes!

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