We’ve made it!! (well…nearly!)

Thank youuuuuuuu

I think we’ve nearly made it
though times, it seemed far fetched
When they said they have a vaccine
we didn’t know what to expect

We were thrilled we would be able
to resume a normal life
the relief was so enormous
It’s hard now to describe

when the euphoria resided
The next thing that we found
the vaccine came from Oxford
Which made us very proud 😊

We scrambled for our jabs
Some now on their second
the virus not so scary now
We don’t feel quite so threatened

It hasn’t been without controversy
the E.U. poked their noses
they tried to do the best they could
To discredit our Oxford doses 😡

We’re now seeing the magic
Created by these marvels
Who’ve kept us alive another day
from a virus potentially harmful

We thank them for the science
they brought to save our lives
because life is just so precious
....there is no bigger prize 💕

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