Back to school!! 😁

Happy days!! 😁

Well...the holidays are nearly over
another term set to begin
It was good whilst it lasted
though excitement bubbles within!!😆

I know I sound ungrateful
and have loved the kids at home
but I need to get my life back
to a ‘I’m bored’ free happy zone

We've been on lots of day trips
theme parks high on their list
a holiday in the Costa’s
finances taking a massive hit 😩

It's time to get back ‘stucture’
claw back some sanity of mine🤪
so I can put my feet up
with a well earned glass of wine🍷

Thank you all you teachers
You're worth your weight in gold 🏆
hope you've recharged your batteries
as the new term ‘challenges’ unfold 😱

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