St. Giles’ Fair

All the fun of the fair
It’s that time of year
when we’re all too aware
the air gets much cooler
for St. Giles’ Fair

It’s a cut off point
In an Oxonians mind
It’s the end of summer
now officially signed

The fair caused excitement
In earlier days
the lights, loud music
and gimmicky craze

The fairs now diluted
as they’re now two a penny
but I can remember that ‘rush’
which was felt by so many

It was such an event
You conquered your fears
you bumped into people
not seen for years

It was a date in your diary
which couldn’t be missed
eating hotdogs and candy floss
with a cone full of chips 🍟

Shall I go again this year?
would I still get that ‘rush?’
can you still win a goldfish?
or, am I way out of touch? 🤷‍♀️

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