Goodnight ‘Lillibet’

Missing my mummy 🐾💔

That clip clop of hooves along the mall
our darkest sombre sad farewell
pomp and ceremony at it's best
to lay her Majesty down to rest
tearfully watching brimming with grief
heartbroken scenes for the world to see
tears and sadness so very upset
over a woman we've never even met

History unfolding before our eyes
witnessing Queen Elizabeth II has died
stood in the typical British weather
bonding us closely together forever
a sea of flowers and deflating balloons
coming to terms with our dreadful news
marmalade sandwiches and Paddington bears
bringing a smile along with our prayers

Families still queuing to pay their respects
in anticipation to what happens next
hoping for a glimpse of a royal in the flesh
after all, we're British...and tend to obsess
In awe of the timing and military precision
goes back centuries in timeless tradition
we say farewell to our remarkable Queen
goodnight ‘Lillibet’ have the sweetest of dreams

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