Rock Bottom

God help him
Imagine its way below freezing 
and you're outside sleeping rough
as if the cold and dampness
and hostilities weren't enough

Judgemental ignorant people
throwing in their ten pence
without ever knowing their story
causing resentment and offence

Sat in a shop doorway
not the most comfortable of places
watching a sea of footsteps pass
with airs and flipping graces

Usually sat with a faithful dog
wearing an appealing cute cravat
huddled up together
on a dirty shop doormat

Used to hostility and judgment
invisible without any feeling
the truth couldn't be much further
insides are desperately screaming

Don't look down anymore on them
they've already hit rock bottom
If God forbid they survive tonight
tomorrow they'd be forgotten

Christmas is a time for giving
for those less fortunate than you
find it in your heart to give
you know it's the right thing to do

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