Open your eyes!!

It’s happening folks!!!
Since the terror of COVID
and all being locked away
things have changed dramatically
now obvious to us today

They sneaked in a cashless society
convinced us it was spreading germs
we were like rabbits caught in the headlights
thinking normality would soon return

Discontentment has now taken over
the ‘furlough’ was blatantly abused
billions were fraudulently taken
and apparently they've all been excused?

Everything is now more expensive
utilities have gone through the roof
we're told it's all down to Putin
though the truth is somewhat aloof

Everyone wanting a pay rise
which will only fuel inflation
the trade unionists are loving this
determined to bring down our nation

The councils are also taking a bite
making our roads impossible for cars
the push bikes have now taken over
which alone is really bizarre

When can we go back to normal?
tell me it's all a bad dream
Is this what life is like now
an ‘Orwellian’ totalitarian regime?

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