Alcohol and Christmas

I’ll have a coffee please

My life was once idyllic
until I started abusing the wine
I tried to stop but couldn't
It was only a matter of time

It spiralled ever so quickly
I was secretly drinking alone
I was so much in denial
bottles hidden around the home

I wish I'd listened earlier
to the alarm bells loudly ringing
I thought that I could handle it
and stop excessive drinking

It's beginning to affect my family
but the alcohol seduces
I try and make some light of it
but now I've run out of excuses

Christmas is around the corner
and the temptations in my face
I've admitted I have a problem
and will endeavour to change my ways

Please spare a thought for addicts
on this festive boozy season
If they decline an alcoholic drink from you
it's for a very valid reason

Please don't push or question
the reason I'm not drinking
Just accept and offer a coffee
and we’ll toast to new beginnings

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