Cutteslowe Park

Cutteslowe Park ❤️
Cutteslowe park

Known this place from an early age
Every season every stage
Amazing the memories of when a child
Imagination running wild

The trees so pretty with blossom in spring
Wading through confetti the wind would bring
Fantasy’s of our wedding day
Wonderful games we used to play

The laughter the fun and times we had
All pure and simple - nothing bad
Summer as a child went on for so long
Everything was innocent - nothing was wrong

Summers were busy the park came to life
Kids and cousins husbands and wife’s
Birds in cages a miniature train 🚂
Crazy golf - if it didn’t rain!

The paddling pool with the ship in the middle
So much fun when we were little
Splashing about round that concrete boat
Not deep enough to swim but just about float!

Then there’s the autumn🍂 with red and golds
Vivid colours - stunningly bold
Piles of leaves soft landing material
Crunching around in a giant bowl of cereal

Then there’s the conkers all shiny and brown
Climbing the trees just to knock them down
Still to this day get that urge when I see
that perfect shiny conker up a tree

The bottom part - at the duck pond end
In winter a white and silvery blend
The pond was solid - just thick with ice
The trees all angry and spiteful like

The Canadian geese would come every winter
Freezing cold the wind was bitter
The weather was sometimes quite harsh
Not thawing out - sometimes until March

That park was a lifeline for my friends and sisters
‘The witches hat’ all bruises and blisters 🤣
The fun we had happy times made
Memories last forever never to fade

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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