I opened my credit bill and nearly died!
Just as another amazon parcel arrived
Don’t know how to break this vicious trend
To stop the buying - and curb my spend

Can’t even remember what was the order?
I’ve turned into a classic hoarder
Buying things I’ll never need
Just to fill my selfish greed

I get such a high when things arrive
I need that rush to stay alive
Can’t stop doing it - to get that feeling
There are no barriers - there are no ceilings

All these new clothes scarfs belts and shoes 👠
Really lifts when I have the blues
Never wear any - all left in their packing
My reason or purpose - seriously lacking

Truth to be known my fetish is shoes 👠
Can’t help myself - too many to choose
Have hundreds at home - still feel incomplete
Have to remind myself I only have two feet!

The feel of newness - that unmistakable smell
That euphoria I feel I just can’t quell
All these colours styles and brands
Professional help is clearly out of my hands!

When I’m feeling low - and feeling weak
I go upstairs for a sneaky peak
It’s an irresistible feeling I just can’t ignore
To just sit there and stare at them in awe

Need to get some help for my addiction
Try and get help maybe a spending restriction
I’ll try to be more responsible with my card
But not today......would just be tooooooo hard

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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