Close The Puppy Farms 😡

Please Save me

A ruthless occupation, of cruelty and greed
Making money out of, the right kind of breed
Which one will be popular? for this festive time?
we know it’s an illegal and ruthless crime

We’re in it for the money, get in quick
Selling mistreated pups, some very sick
Can’t believe how some human species behave
There’s no hope, no decency and no morals to save

A cold loveless life - living in fear
breeding cute puppies, just for your, festive cheer
No one to love them, as much as they plead
Complete solitude for months - after the deed

Saw things you couldn’t, try to explain
That was this pups life, unhappiness and pain
Saw other dogs - frightened looks in their eyes
Heard hollow whimpers and mournful cries

This can’t be right - they have a right to live,
they have so much joy and love to give.
This cold dingy cage, is their room
Compare it to a dungeon - or, a tomb

Shut these farms down now!! so, they can be spared
Then the first time in ever, She wouldn’t be scared
She wouldn’t believe, life could be so great
Thought a miserable end - was to be her fate

she could be saved, by a humanitarian like you
Could she ever be that lucky? - She wouldn’t have a clue
She would love you Unconditionally, for the rest of her days
Until that day happens, we hope and pray 💕

A gorgeous home, maybe siblings too
A Perfect life and family - it could all come true
Every day would be magical, no more fear or, distress,
If only someone would help me? I, would be truly blessed 💕

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