Just get to the last bit of buying online
Then it comes up payment declined!!
This can’t be right I get a hot flush
My heart starts racing - adrenaline rush

Something is wrong - I have plenty of dosh?
What are they on about? They’re talking tosh!!
I must hurry and sort it there’s only a few left
What do I do? Think! What is best?

I come out of the site to go on to my card
Try doing this shaking - it’s really quite hard
I try to go in and sort this thing out
Find the problem - and what’s it about?

“Your card has expired you need to update!”
What! By the time this is sorted, it will be too late!
I try and be calm - times not on my side
There’s money on there! The computer has lied!

I calm down in a responsible manner
When really could smash it with a hammer 🔨
Now what? Password is now unknown?
‘But do click on here’ for a loan!!’

I give up - my password is forgotten
Can’t remember now - memory is rotten
Wrote it down on some paper years ago
The eye next to the password says ‘no-show’

I have to abandon - I’m feeling too stressed
Just can’t do this when I’m pressed
Oh well - will wait until I go to the shops
Only wanted scouring pads and vileda mops

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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