Doris Day!!!

Lovely ladies weekly sets
Velcro rollers lace hair nets
Setting the worlds rights and wrongs
Whilst waiting for the curling tongs

Clients become friends over the years
They let you in with laughter and tears
It’s like an episode of a weekly soap
Gives us history - gives them hope

You hear about their ailments and foot clinics too
You take an interest over a brew
You keep an eye on the time, until the next
You haven't got any time for a rest!

No sooner as they’re out of that seat
The next ones in to meet and greet
Bringing in photos of Doris Day
It just wouldn’t suit her anyway

It may have been right 40 years gone by
But now their hairs gone thin and dry
Try to accommodate ~ because I’m fond
After all this is a hairbrush - not a wand! May 2020©️

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