Chrystal Ball

No Chrystal Ball
Listening of the latest death rate rationale 
Only sky could turn it into the grand national!
How many will die? How many will live
How much money will the government give?

Everything is a race to get it all in time
How’s this happening in this country of mine?
Stadiums being converted to hospitals and morgues
They’re using the millennium stadium and all

Who do you believe? are they telling us lies?
The prime minister and Charlie dropping like flies
Is it the right thing they’re telling us to do?
Or is it all guff? And they have no clue?

We’re all in gods hands, you’ve got to laugh
Thank god for the carers and NHS staff 🙏
If it wasn’t for their dedication and their skill
I think there would be far more people Ill 🤒

When are we all going to have testing kits?
Where have they got to? The lying gits
We’ve basically hit a massive brick wall
Only have hope there’s no Chrystal ball!

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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