Maisie aka princess

Love you 😍
Maisie 💕

We have a princess we adore very much
She’s not a pedigree as such
She struts around like she’s 10 feet tall
When in reality she’s only small

Her presence is such that she calls the shots
Did I say we love her? We love her lots💕
She can be so bossy to the point of despair 😩
Then looks up at you like a teddy bear🐻

She insists on following me even in the loo
What’s so attractive? I haven’t a clue!
She knows at once if you’re going out
She ends up coming - there is no doubt

Her beautiful coat like the Golden Fleece
She’ll only eat chicken - if you please!
She’ll wait til your seated and nearly asleep
Then decides its time for a sniff and a wee!

She was so excited when you rattled her lead
And ran over the field where she could be free
She loved it in all weathers the wind and rain
I have to say - I found it a pain!

As she grew older diabetes kicked in
She went blind 😭 she couldn’t see a thing
We brought her a pushchair so she could still go
Now snug with a blanket in the cold and snow ⛄️

She tends to have ‘accidents’ on the floor
We’ve now got cleaning products galore!
We’ve now brought her nappies to wear as such
We don’t care as we just love her so much 💕

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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