Age with Pride

Sunset of our lives
Age with pride

When you get older - mind and body plays a game
To keep forgetting things, and others, you blame
Fat stays much longer, and, if that isn’t enough!
Your hair changes colour, and turns into fluff!

Your eyes 👀 go all cloudy, can’t see, like you did
You say hello to strangers, the dust is now hid
lips disappear, now impossible to pout 👄
Arthritis and cataracts, not to mention the gout

A shiny brand new hip or, a brand new pair of knees
The fun really begins though, when you cough or sneeze!
Getting down on the floor - can be easily done
Getting back up again, is when it’s really fun!

Eye lashes eyebrows, becoming quite sparse
Luscious thick hair, a thing of the past
Teeth that were Once fixed, gleaming and white
Now in a glass, by my bed, at night

Things going downhill, this is quite plain
gnarly feet and varicose veins
Body all covered, with blemishes and warts
This is me now? Who’d of ever thought!

Feel like a boat left too long under water
Barnacles appearing in every crease and corner
Bristles sprouting, right on me chin
What sort of sick game, are we’re playing in?

Aches and pains, moans and groans
Can’t hear anybody on the phone?
Food more important, than romance or lust
A sleep in the afternoon, now, always a must

Even as the pearly gates are nearing
We thought it fun, to take away your hearing
Make jobs that were easy to, now really hard
I’ve more fun for you, so, be on your guard!

You learn to merge into this new phrase of life
Either that or, you could go under the knife?
Fit into your body, with joy and pride
Be happy, You’re still alive!! You haven’t yet died!

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