Don’t get a dog if….

Don’t get a dog if…

If you love a spotless perfect home
If its gets messy and you will moan
Then don’t even think of getting a puppy
Your home will be transformed - untidy and mucky

Immaculate white carpets - with muddy paws
Scratch marks on the bottom of all your doors
Shoes which used to come in pairs
Hoover clogged with puppy hairs

Walkies and treats all at the ready
Hearing their lead really makes them heady
So if you’re Taking them out - putting on your shoes
They can hear you clearly! whilst they snooze 😴

Jumping up like something possessed
‘Calm down be quiet’ - you protest
Off down the road it pulls and drags
Not forgetting - the poopy bags!

A nice bracing walk to blow cobwebs away
Much better though on a sunny warm day
Playing running - chasing sticks
Excited hot breath sloppy licks

In the evening frantically cleaning your feet
Scrambling under furniture trying to find lost treats
This is the life of a dog - and their ways
Whilst they lay by your side - with that adoring gaze

So if you are house proud with no time to spare
You need to give love and show that you care
And If you don’t like them following you into the loo
Then probably a puppy is not for you!

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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