The might of China?

Well we’ve all stayed at home again as asked
Whilst the wonderful NHS do as they’re tasked
How much longer? do we wait in vain?
Can’t bare the news the suffering the pain

Just a bit of luck - a chink of light
Just to show we’re doing alright
It’s frightening as its just the unknown
Invisible enemy invisible war zone

We’ll keep our thoughts until the ending
Reserve our judgment whilst it’s Pending
Was it an accident or done in spite?
Can we really argue with China’s might?

Some would say ‘we are well out of line’
For China to poison us “would be just fine”
We are so laid back and politically correct
Not allowed to think or, reflect

But what if it’s true and it’s all about growth?
And who’s the most powerful - and got the most?
Shall we just say nothing? And accept our fate
Or man up and ask questions before it’s too late?

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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