Vera Lynn

Vera Lyn 

Now I Don’t pretend to be Gandhi or Vera lyn
But what a frigging state we’re in
We have to be strong and work together
No matter how bad this stormy weather

It feels so alien quite surreal
Tensions high atmosphere you can feel
What’s with the obsession with toilet rolls?
Am I missing something? I haven’t been told?

Some will isolate some, will not
We’re a right rebellious stubborn lot!
I’ll be honest I don’t think they’ll contain
This horrible sneaky Coronavirus strain

We’ve all had it too easy all going our way
Not meaning to scaremonger - Have we had our day?
At the moment no change and mainly hearsay
When does it become real? And we have to obey?

They say in a disaster - that every cloud?
Isn’t that because we’re English? and so very proud?
When we get over this - at the end of this plight
Will we see other people in a different light?

I’d love to think we all come out good
If we listen to Boris then I think we should
So until the all clear siren goes off
Remember the tissue when you cough 😷

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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