Dreaming spires of Oxford

The Dreaming Spires
Dreaming Spires 

A beautiful skyline which is renown worldwide
To an Oxonian brings great joy - and great pride
We are known for our history and education
But if you think this was above your station?

We weren’t always saint like law abiders
We were proud to introduce the first “joy riders”
Wasn’t it us who created Oxfam? and a" shark in the roof?
Hitler wanted Oxford but we have no proof

The Roebuck The Blenheim and Whites bar too
there were loads more - these are just a few
We really are a mixed class bunch
The Randolph Hotel or Macdonalds for lunch?

It really is the City of haves and have nots
Council Estates for trouble 😂 and Summertown for toffs
Or we can all get together in one single go
They found the perfect place! and called it Jericho!

The gap has closed up over the years
We are now not intimidated by our peers
Schools and learning much better by far
You now can be successful, whoever you are

When we left school there was no mention of Uni
If you mentioned it well you were positively ‘loony’
Only those who went were at the top of the tree
It wasn’t for the likes of you and me

We’ve come along way since the Cutteslowe Wall
A big slab of concrete - over nine feet tall
Inconvenience leaving the locals aggrieved
It was brought down again - the locals relieved 😅

One of the first to step over - once it was down
Was a successful engineer called Gordon Brown
Just goes to show if you try - and are clever
Barriers are temporary - and never forever

Kim hicks gmail.com May 2020©️

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