Cowley workers

Everybody out!!!!
Cowley workers

Around the mid 60’s in Horspath Road
Was where we lived then - our humble abode
The factory dominated everything around
Except ABC minors at the regal - for under a pound

Home time - the invasion of the Cowley workers
All worked hard - though, there were some shirkers 😉
Never forgot when they were coming home
That sea of faces - that gear-less drone

Watching the time until they ‘clocked’
Horspath road Completely blocked
Hollow way Cowley road Fernhill too
You stayed indoors you just couldn’t move

Excitedly with my sisters sat on a wall
Waiting for our Grampy - Harry Aspinall
Sat on the wall legs dangling over
BL car factory which became Austin Rover

Brothers and sisters and Bobby Fryer
No wonder that had to find a buyer😂
Unsettled on strike without any money 💰
Of course some loved it - even thought it funny

They grafted hard - the salt of the earth
We all appreciated them and valued their worth
So much has changed here before our eyes
Some still live here - others said their goodbyes

I would quickly mention Oxford United
But then again not - would get Just toooo excited 😆
But if you were brought up here right from the start
Oxford will always have a special place in your heart

Kim hicks June 2020©️

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