Well, Pam Ayres? Have I got it?

Don’t usually do this - don’t wish to impose, or tread on your toes - just a professional opinion?

Summers were hot music quite funky
Mini skirts short and legs were quite chunky
We look like we might’ve had a similar life
With single glazed windows - when, chilblains were rife

Perms looked like tumbleweed on a cold windy day
Green peace and protests were out to play
The Beatles, the Who and the Rolling Stones
No Harry Potter or, game of thrones

Times when you knew everyone on your street
All knowing your business- no secrets, to keep
We all thought annoying and found it ‘quite square”
But most spoke out because they care

Morris Marina, Cortina estate
Girls names Brenda, Shirley and Kate
Sing something simple on a Sunday night
Romance of the shipping forecast- hope they’re alright?

Shopping was rationed - Green Shield stamps
Going for tea at yer nan and gramps
Carefree days - The famous five
These were the things that made us thrive

I’m just rambling - there’s so much more
Just don’t know how to get a foot in the door?
I’ve looked up on google to see where’s my place?
It all looks so serious? - a real rat race

I’ve got loads of poems in me, ready to write
Just don’t know where to start on my maiden flight?
Always found poems easy to complete
So Pam (can I call you Pam?) just give me a tweet

We could do a ‘double act’ 🤣 or you could use my stuff?
Just need to know have I got it? Or, will it be duff?
This is all amateur stuff - all done in a tick
I can do so much more, at a fingers click

I thank you for reading - purleeze tell me my fate
I’m nearly 61 - have I left it too late?
Sat here watching Dick and Angel in France
Just want to write poems - do I stand a chance?

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