Just thinking out aloud
Day dreaming...☁️

It seemed a really good idea, to me at the time
Whilst pegging out me clothes, on the washing line
If we could Just do something, to try and change the world?
To something so much, better, which we all deserve

If we could see a sign? or, a divine intervention?
If we could only stop any harm, by our joint prevention
To see in the future, to change all bad things
To divert or, stop tragedies, whatever it brings

Could stop all diseases, halt nuclear power
Make everyone happy, within the next hour😁
Always been a daydreamer, thinking out of the box
Imagine what we could achieve?, as I peg out my culottes 🤣

I would change things discreetly, you wouldn’t know it was me
My joy of changing things - to better, would suit me happily
Suck away all the storm clouds, Only allow blue sky
Only allow laughter, no one, would ever cry 😢

Pay of all your mortgages, credit cards as well 💷
BBC license fee - well, you can go to hell!😡
Make everyone live forever, with a perfect healthy life
Everything would be plentiful, would equally divide

Well, it’s something I can think of, as I go about my chores
To make a huge difference, to my life, as well as yours
So, I carry on dreaming, of how to make things great
A whole world filled with happiness, we all could, recreate 💕

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