George Floyd

Rewrite History
George Floyd

This simmering discontent hanging over our head
Over George Floyd - arrested and ending up dead
The officer responsible charged with second degree murder
It’s not the end though? We couldn’t be much further

Screaming shouting in a frenzied state
We need to calm down before it’s too late
Emotions running high shops getting looted
All over things historically deep rooted

We’ll get rid of history whether right or wrong
more things to follow it won’t be long
Whether we agree or not it’s immaterial
to have anything saved from the ‘White Imperial’

We’ll pull down everything connected to slavery
Or anything else we might find unsavoury
We’ll pull down the Whitehouse the pyramids too
and anything else which might offend you

George Floyd is a man with a chequered past
Won’t be the first and won’t be the last
Maybe replace Churchill with a statue of Floyd?
Anything to appease and not to annoy.

Kim hicks June 2020©️

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